Living in a small space can have big advantages. Cleaning isn’t an all-day affair, the lack of square footage encourages you to get out more often, and it’s easy to keep maintenance costs low. And the best part? You can organize and decorate any way you want. While it could take months to update the interior design of a whole house, a small space can be totally transformed overnight.

Here are a few tips to help you get excited about styling a small space!

Work With Vertical Space

Instead of lamenting your lack of floor space, shift your focus to the walls and ceiling. Tall bookshelves or stacked cube shelves can optimize a room’s height and provide much-needed storage space.

Put some of your favorite décor pieces on the top shelves to draw the eye all the way up to the ceiling. This mood-changing mushroom lamp is definitely top-shelf material!

Make a Better Bed

You obviously sleep in your bed, but do you also use it for reading, watching TV, and hanging out with your friends? Think beyond your standard pillow and comforter to make your bed more accommodating.

Add accent pillows to prop yourself up with, collect extra fleece blankets to keep your friends cozy, and keep your bed free of clutter – that means no laundry!

Create Multifunctional Spaces

If you find yourself constantly moving your laptop and books off of your desk to mix drinks on Friday nights, it might be time to rethink your setup. Turn your desk into a multi-functional space by dedicating one part to reading or working and another part to preparing drinks.

If you’re short on space, use organizers and desk shelves to add surface area. And once you’ve established a place for everything, keep everything in its place. That means shot glasses stay on the desk shelves and books stay on the desk!

Play With Plants

Add plants to your space to bring the great outdoors inside. Just looking at vibrant greenery can boost your mood and remind you that there’s a whole world to be enjoyed outside of your room.

More Mirrors

Mirrors add depth and interest to a small space. Prop big mirrors against walls and hang smaller ones at eye level to create the illusion of openness. Place candles, incense, or lamps in front of mirrors to bounce light back into the room.

Light It Up

Instead of using a single overhead light, try using several small light sources. This helps to break up the space into attention-grabbing alcoves. Lava lamps are perfect for casting just enough light and color to illuminate the area immediately around them.

Clear the Floor

Use the perimeter of your space to feature furniture and seating. To the best of your ability, leave the middle of the room clear. Add an area rug in a solid color or a minimalist print to emphasize the free space. 

Cut the Clutter

Resist the urge to fill every inch of space with furniture or décor. Choose specific areas to keep entirely clutter-free, like the top of your dresser and your bedside tables. Once you’re completely finished with your design overhaul, take away three things. For example, remove a vase, a poster, and a tabletop decoration.

Mount Your TV

Ditch the bulky entertainment center and mount your TV to the wall. Use the floor space beneath it for a small accent table or a low bookshelf.

Get Personal

To make your small space feel comfortable and inviting, add personal touches everywhere! Hang framed pictures of yourself with friends on the walls, display collections on bookshelves (think crystals and stash jars), and add a conversation piece like this Baphomet Incense Burner to your coffee table. Remember that less is more in a small space, so avoid grouping more than three trinkets together in one place.

Have fun decorating your space! When you look forward to coming home after a long day, you’ll know that you’ve created a unique and restorative space.