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Tragus & Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

CZ Flower Dangle Cartilage Earring - 14 Gauge
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Star Moon Heart Cartilage Earrings 3 Pack - 18 Gauge
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Rose Goldplated Flower Cartilage Earring - 18 Gauge
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18 Gauge Pink Branch Cartilage Ring
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No matter what kind of look you want to go for, you can take your ear piercing style to the next level when you shop for cartilage and tragus jewelry at Spencer's! Show off a style that’s true to your personality, while still standing out in a crowd with any of our gorgeous jewelry. Whether you need something for your helix piercing or you want tragus earrings, or just cartilage earrings in general, you can find it right here at Spencer’s Online. So what’re you even waiting for?! Keep your style way fresher than anyone else when you shop our assortment of cartilage jewelry!