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Bullet & Egg Vibrators

Neon Mini Waterproof Vibrator - 4 Inch
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Neon 5 Function Bullet Vibrator - 2.25 Inch
Waterproof Remote Bullet Vibrator 2.5 Inch - Hott Love
Neon Snuggler Multi Speed G Spot Vibrator - 5.5 Inch

A bullet vibrator is a small sex toy that, despite its size, is sure to get the job done. This is why it’s one of the most popular vibrators around. At Spencer’s, we carry dozens of bullet and egg vibrators for your pleasure. Women and men will enjoy the fact that these adult toys are powerful, discreet, and affordable. To top it off, they come in all sorts of sizes, styles and colors, from camouflage and leopard print to bold hues like pink and purple. Designs include a remote controlled bullet vibrator, so you can let your lover know how often you want to feel its special movements against your most sensitive parts, and the iSex USB bullet vibe for those who are technology minded.

Bullet vibes can be enjoyed for external stimulation or vaginal penetration (but should not be used for anal play because they don’t have a flared base). In the world of vibrators, bigger isn’t always better. Some may want an extra-large dildo or insertable vibe, but others may prefer the more simple styles that still provide intense sensations. Some are waterproof, making them the perfect bath time playthings, while others are curved in such a way to stimulate the G spot for even more pleasure.

If you’re trying a sex toy for the first time, consider a waterproof bullet vibrator. Not only are they easy to use, you can easily experiment and learn which areas of your genitals respond best to various types of movement. Vibrating bullets are also great toys to introduce to a partner because anyone can appreciate the sensuous feeling as it trails along a nipple or over an inner thigh, teasing and arousing. Because they’re so portable, you can keep one in your bag for those unexpected moments when you suddenly have a little extra time and are turned on.

Whether you’re buying your first vibe or simply want an extra one to add to your erotic arsenal, bullet sex toys will help you enhance your sex life, introduce new sensations and experience sexual pleasure with the touch of a button.