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Anal Fantasy Beginners Kit
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Experience a whole new type of sexual pleasure with Spencer’s selection of anal beads, butt plugs and other anal toys that let you safely explore backdoor play. If you haven’t tried any type of anal penetration before, you don’t know what you’re missing! This sensitive area can feel wonderful, from the puckered rim to deeper into the anal canal.

How can you make anal sex feel good? First, use plenty of specially formulated, long-lasting anal lube, both before and during your use of an anal toy. Next you should remember that size isn’t everything; we recommend starting with a smaller anal sex toy before moving on to a larger anal dildo or butt plug. This way, your body has a chance to adjust to the sensation. So perhaps you start out with a beginner sex toy like the three and a half inch Icicles No. 48 glass butt plug and discover what aspects of the experience you enjoy. The great thing about anal toys is that once they’re inside, because of their flared base, they’ll stay in place so you can enjoy vaginal intercourse, oral sex, vibrators, masturbation or anything else. All the while, having the plug inside your anal canal will enhance all the other sexual stimulation. Then if you discover that what you truly like about anal sex is a longer length, you can move on to a toy like the six inch starter anal dildo. Anal pleasure has been gaining in popularity in recent years, but there are some people who still consider the taboo element of anal sex part of what makes it hot. You should know that it’s very common to desire anal penetration, which is why there’s such a wide variety of adult products devoted to it.

Women and men both love anal play, and guys have the added bonus of these sex toys being able to stimulate their prostate, or p-spot, located inside the anus and packed with nerve endings. With a beginner prostate massager, you can experience the utter bliss of having this special part of the male body stroked in the most intimate way.

Spencer’s wants you to have the best sex life you can, which means that you should get to live out all of your fantasies. So if backdoor loving is something you’ve dreamed about but haven’t quite gotten around to trying, check out or selection of anal toys for women and men. Or if you’re a dedicated anal sex lover and simply can’t get enough, you can find exciting new anal toys like the metal bunny butt plug, with a black pom pomp on the end, anal beads, anal sex trainer kits and so much more.