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Barbells & Tongue Rings

14 Gauge Glow in the Dark Curved Barbells
Online Only
14 Gauge Swarosvski Big Gem Curved Barbell
14 Gauge Bling Gem Captive Nipple Ring Set 4-Pack
14 Gauge Silver Arrow Nipple Ring
14 Gauge Tongue Retainer 6-Pack
14 Gauge Silver Feather Curved Barbell
14 Gauge Cz Gem Curved Barbell 2 Pack
14 Gauge CZ Heart Nipple Rings
14 Gauge Pink Rose Curved Barbell Set
14 Gauge Blue & White Curved Barbells
14 Gauge Black & Pink Zebra Curved Barbell 5 Pack
14 Gauge Pink, Blue, Heart, Web, and Twist Barbell with Extra Balls
14 Gauge Barbell Multipack
14 Gauge Cubic Zirconia Intimate Hood Barbell
14 Gauge Cz Curved Barbell
16 Gauge Clear Tongue Retainer Set
14 Gauge Gold Bow Industrial Barbell Set
14 Gauge Pot Leaf Curved Barbell 4 Pack
14 Gauge Green Pink Blue Gem Curved Barbells
14 Gauge Pink Stripe Bling Barbell with Extra Balls
14 Gauge Industrial Barbell 4-Pack
14 Gauge Rose Industrial Barbell
14 Gauge Leaf and Zebra Barbell with Extra Balls
14 Gauge Ladybug Curved Barbells 4 Pack

Pull a Miley and show em’ your tongue! Elevate your tongue-y tale with awesome barbells from Spencer’s. Always be the element of surprise when you rock any of our barbells. From classic styles to barbells fit for a rock star we have them all!