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Rock the Green. Girls and Guys Tees

St Patrick’s Day

Instructions for the perfect St Patrick’s Day are as follows: Shake your shamrocks in our womens st patricks day shirts and then have your guy try out a new style in akilt. If he doesn’t want something so breezy, our awesome Clover Party Suit will do. Next, start your day drinking right with our Drinking Accessories such as an incognito flask. Top off your party style with the perfect St Patty’s Day hat – even though you will probably lose it during the bar crawls. Think green, green, and green when it comes to other accessories and if you are feeling really brave, grab the green hairspray and makeup. Your final task is to act as Irish as possible, brush up on your accent and then chug a few beers to prove your authenticity. Get ready to do an Irish jig and give everyone a laugh in funny St Patricks Day shirts and plaid kilt. The perfect Saint Patricks Day starts right here at Spencer Gifts, so you should actually make coming here your first step!