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Incense & Burners

Blue Dragon Incense Burner

What kind of meditation can truly be complete without incense burning? Here at Spencer’s, we have a large variety of Incense, Incense Burners, and Incense Sticks that will wrap the room in a clean and spiritual wave of smells! Start out with any of our rich smelling incense sticks that come in various different scents like sandalwood or lavender. Then pick out your favorite kind of burner that comes in various fantasy themed or skeleton styles to truly set the mood while the scents waft into the room. Finally when it’s all finished, make sure you have one of our storage jars to keep all your incense and sticks protected and ready for your next relaxing moment. Spencer Gifts knows better than anyone that the smell of your house is just as important as the look, so we’re here to make sure it’s always amazing!