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St Patricks Socks

What you put on your feet an essential part of your attire, so go green with some St. Patrick’s Day socks from Spencer’s! They will also look great the rest of the year and give you some fashionable holiday flair that will look wonderful whether you’re sporting kicks, boots or sandals. If your favorite type of green is the kind you smoke, all you weed lovers will appreciate our athletic stripe pot leaf knee socks which are perfect for St. Paddy's Day or anytime you want to celebrate your marijuana appreciation. With various shades of green, you can take your pick of foot coverings, the kind you'll want to peek out from your shoes.
Your legs can also lend festive Irish appeal when you add some bold green opaque tights, which look fabulous paired with any skirt, dress or short shorts. Not only will you be seasonally appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, you'll also be sporting a look that's sure to get attention, with everyone admiring your flair for fashion and penchant for bright colors.
Or you can go super glam and sexy in a pair of green and black striped thigh high stockings that show off a little leg and draw the eye up and down your gorgeous gams!
All of these green accessories can be worn again, so what starts as a St. Patrick's Day look can continue on as you incorporate it into your wardrobe. Whether you're wearing them to class, to the office or out with friends at the bar, you can coordinate your luck of the Irish socks with your other festive wear, or have them stand out as a single bold statement.