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St Patricks Jewelry

Glow in the Dark Tunnel Plugs - 2 Pair
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Go for the green and brighten up your holiday with some St. Patrick’s Day jewelry from Spencer’s! Whether you’ve got the luck of the Irish in your blood or just like to celebrate, you can add some color to your usual look with our plugs, piercings, bracelets and more. For the perfect friendship gift that they can wear alongside you at the bar, get your pal a BFF Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day necklace featuring the four-leaf flower along with dog tags and the saying “Lucky Fuckin’ Friend.” They’ll be feeling lucky indeed to be the recipient of such a cool gift, especially knowing that you’re wearing the other half. Or you may prefer our St. Patrick’s Day bracelet set, featuring one with pots of gold at the end of a rainbow and the word “Lucky” and the other with green shamrocks against a black background.

The great thing is that plenty of our green St. Patrick’s Day jewelry can also be worn any other time of the year, giving it double duty. Whether you’re looking for glow in the dark tunnel plugs or a lip piercing lover looking for a green labret 4 pack, we’ve got you covered.

These colorful green accessories make wonderful gifts for yourself or a pal and are sure to get you noticed. And who doesn’t love to feel festive on one of the most fun holidays around? While we can’t guarantee that your St. Paddy’s Day flair will get someone to buy you a drink, it’s very likely to help you strike up a conversation as your accessories are admired.