Spring Break

Grateful Dead T Shirts

If you’re a Deadhead and simply can’t get enough of their beloved rock sound you’ll want colorful Grateful Dead t-shirts featuring dancing bears or a skeleton to wear to honor them. Spencer’s has all sorts of music tees, including ones featuring the jam band consisting of Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, Phil Lesh and Bruce Kreutzmann. As any true fan can tell you, the Grateful Dead weren’t just a band; they helped a community of like-minded people coalesce and gather for epic concerts.

Did you know that the Grateful Dead performed over 2,300 concerts during their touring days? It’s no surprise when you consider how much their music meant to their legions of listeners. Though they started out in California and are associated with the San Francisco hippie neighborhood Haight-Ashbury, they played to huge crowds around the United States and the world. Add a psychedelic edge to your wardrobe with a Grateful Dead tee from Spencer’s and you’ll be feeling groovy all day long!