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Cowboy Hats

What’s not to love about cowboy hats? They’re an American classic, an instantly iconic look that epitomizes a bold, confident coolness with their tall crowns and flat, wide brims. Spencer’s carries cowboy hats in a variety of styles and colors, from patriotic red, white and blue stars and stripes to a more familiar straw version. While the image they evoke is a rugged one, you don’t have to be an actual cowboy or cowgirl to rock one; they look equally suave in the big city as well as in more rural areas.

In a nutshell, when you wear a cowboy hat, you will surely be noticed. You can’t wear a cowboy hat, also known as a ten-gallon hat, and expect people to ignore you. They practically beg to be stared at, and give the wearer an instant aura of confidence, power and fashion sense. Everything else you’re wearing almost fades into the background as your cowboy hat takes center stage. If you wear one while outside, it’ll protect you from the heat, sun and rain along with giving you style cred. A Spencer’s cowboy hat is the perfect headgear to let you go bold with your look.