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This Syfy original series opens up on Quentin Coldwater, a young adult facing the world of college while struggling with mental illness, and his childhood best friend Julia Wicker--though the show quickly expands to include more main characters like the fabulous duo of Eliot Waugh and Margo Hanson, the rulers of their class and the ultimate goals in style; Alice Quinn, the quiet yet magically talented, on-and-off again lover of Quentin; Penny, a sarcastic and smart-mouthed Magician with a rare power; and Kady, a street smart Magician who’s more ready to use her fists than she is to deal with emotions. Through circumstances out of their control, this group of outcasts and misunderstood Magicians must come together to save not only themselves, but the entire world of magic as they know it.

And while The Magicians features the familiar theme of “school of magic,” it transforms the theme into something all its own, giving it a refreshing feel that beautifully draws in a crowd of college-aged students and older adults alike--though we do want to emphasize the word “adult” here, as The Magicians TV Show is definitely not for the young or faint of heart. Indeed, one of the main premises of the show is that magic itself is derived through pain--and as some of the strongest Magicians in the show, is it any wonder why our beloved main characters suffer through so much? Even Fillory and Further, a fictitious book in the series that Quentin (and Margo) once loved, turns out to be painted through the lens of a child--and when they discover that Fillory is real, they learn just how dark and malevolent this seemingly whimsical world truly is.

The Magicians Cast features an array of amazing, yet perhaps slightly underrated, actors and actresses like Olivia Dudley (Alice Quinn), Jason Ralph (Quentin Coldwater), Hale Appleman (Eliot Waugh), and so many more. And the best part? Each and every one of the characters on The Magicians has their own flaws; they’re each so deeply and uniquely developed that you can still find yourself relating to the characters emotionally, even when they’re going through devastating, completely magical circumstances. The show is known for many of its raw, real-world moments: characters suffer from depression, anxiety, drug addiction (magic at times is even compared to a drug), and situations that could very well break someone as a person. But it’s hardships like these that remind us over and over again what the show is supposed to be about: If Magic truly did exist, it wouldn’t be able to fix all of our problems.

Beautifully dark and enticing, The Magicians is practically the definition of “something you should be watching RIGHT NOW.” And if you’re just as obsessed with this awesome TV show as we are, then you’re going to fall in love with our exclusive merch. Whether you want a Fillory shirt or a Brakebills glass, you can find it all, and much more, right here at Spencer’s.