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Steven Universe T-Shirts & Merchandise

Steven Universe Merchandise

It’s time to team up with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven, the Crystal Gems! Here at Spencer’s, we have a wild selection of Steven Universe merchandise that will make you feel right there in Beach City! Show your love for Steven with any of our graphic tees that come decorated with your favorite lovable character. If you want to represent the whole team of Crystal Gems, then check out any of our accessories and tees that have all of them ready for battle. Grab your favorite Steven Universe merchandise and get ready to save the world with your Gem powers. For all your crazy universe lovers, Spencer’s is here to give you the best ways to show off your Steven Universe merch!

Steven Universe T-Shirts

Your favorite Cartoon Network show can now be worn as Steven Universe t-shirts! Whether you stay inside your beachside temple or just a regular house, you’ll fit in with the other Crystal Gems when you’re wearing one of these awesome tees. A pixelated Steven Universe t-shirt will be a unique addition to your graphic tee collection, but a Steven himself giving the peace sign will always be a classic Steven Universe t-shirt.