Wonder Woman T-Shirts & Merchandise

Rep your favorite DC Comics superhero with Spencer’s official Wonder Woman merchandise. Swing the lasso of truth around all of your friends in a bold Wonder Woman costume that will make everyone take notice! When you wear a Wonder Woman corset, armor, and patriotic colors, you’ll be invincible. No costume is complete without the perfect accessories, so we’ve got shiny gold Wonder Woman Tiara and gauntlets so you can battle evil in style.

You can even wear one of our Wonder Woman t shirts everywhere you go to support the feminist superhero who paved the way for the rest. So embrace the persona of Princess Diana of Themyscira and help out the Justice League! You’ll find the iconic Wonder Woman logo on all our merch, from Wonder Woman hats to backpacks to fleece blankets. Whether you’re off saving the world or snuggling up, you can feel empowered by her example.

Our affordable Wonder Woman merch goes beyond clothing! Show off your powers with a Wonder Woman necklace and earrings and drink your favorite beverage out of a Wonder Woman cup (or down a drink from a shot glass). Hang a Wonder Woman blacklight poster in your living room or bedroom so everyone knows just how fierce you are as soon as they walk inside. Whether you loved Lynda Carter in the original role or Gal Gadot in the movie, now you can be your own version of Wonder Woman, disguised as Diana Prince (or yourself) until you reveal one of the most memorable looks in pop culture history!

If you have any questions about any of our Wonder Woman merch or any of our other movie and TV items, we’re here to assist you. You can contact our Customer Service department by clicking the “Help” button at the top of the page or calling 800-762-0419.