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Shield Zelda Lunch Box

Zelda Merchandise

Get ready to rescue Princess Zelda and look just like your favorite hero with our Legends of Zelda merchandise. We have some awesome Zelda backpacks and shirts that feature the shield graphics and even awesome board games inspired by the original game, like Zelda Monopoly and Zelda Chess. Come to the dark side if you so dare by checking out our Shadow Link collection. You don't have to worry about losing heart lives with our Zelda merch; you can look like you just emerged from this epic video game with all of our wearable Zelda merchandise. From hoodies, hats, wallets, and more, you can go on the adventure of a lifetime with our Zelda merch selection.

Zelda T-Shirts

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this Zelda t-shirt and wear it everywhere you go. You’ll easily be able to make new friends and take them along on your adventure when they see you wearing a shirt showing off their favorite video game. Face every enemy and boss in style while wearing a classic Legend of Zelda t-shirt with the iconic triforce symbol. Or if you really love the newer version of the series, a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shirt will help you proudly show that off. Zelda t-shirts are always classics and will never go out of style, so pick your favorite and wear it while you work on beating the game again!