Natural Lubricants

I Love Hemp Pleasure for Her Organic Lube 5 Pack

If you care about what you put in your mouth, you should care about what you put on the most intimate parts of your body. That’s why organic lube exists: to ensure that your sexual experience is safe and good for you so you can focus entirely on pleasure. We care about your sexual health, which is why Spencer’s sells a wide variation of natural personal lubricants that do exactly what you want a lube to do: keep things nice and slippery, whether you’re engaging in intercourse, anal sex or using your favorite sex toy. If you’re into butt plugs or other anal toys, lubricant is a must because the area isn’t self-lubricating, so a slick organic lubricant is the perfect addition to make your erotic adventure as exciting as it can be while keeping your body safe.

Natural lubricants are part of a healthy sex life in all senses of the word. You can use them when giving a hand job, with a condom, while inserting a sex toy like a dildo or vibrator, or any time you want to get things nice and juicy. A little lube can go a long way! Made from materials like hemp and aloe, natural sex lube is good for you and feels great too, which you’ll see from the moment you use it. Lubricant is the perfect little helper to make sex as wonderful as it can be. With an organic lube you get the peace of mind of knowing the ingredients are ones that come from nature.

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