Sexy Body Paint

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Lover Latex Body Paint
Latex Face and Body Paint
Black Latex Body Paint
Red White and Blue Latex Body Paint

As part of our extensive online naughty selection, Spencer's has all the adult products you want most to enhance intimacy, including body paint.

For the ultimate intimate date, spread your lover out like a canvas and use sexy body paint on their bare skin. They'lllook even more beautiful than they do naked. Using this sensual artistic tool is a win/win for both of you: You get to give them a sensual treat while building intimacy and engaging in the best kind of colorful adult fun and they get to be the center of attention. Think of all the sensual possibilities…You can simply indulge in the joy of drawing colorful shapes, letters or abstract art along their chest, their back, their legs or anywhere else. You can let them watch or blindfold them and show them what you’ve created when you’re done.

Celebrate with a sex party of two when you use fluorescent liquid latex neon body paint to decorate their naked body, then have them show off your handiwork under black light. What a truly exciting way to make your partner glow! You’ll highlight how sexy they are while trying something new that can make your relationship even hotter.

Spencer’s black light body paint for lovers gives you a chance to simply delight in the joy of exploring your partner’s body, getting a little messy along the way (you might want to put an old towel or tarp down underneath you so you keep your sheets pristine). This can be a way to spice things up on an anniversary or a very creative date night as you slow down and let the colors lead the way. Whether you’re using glow in the dark body paint to have an evening you’ll never forget, letting your tongue get in on the action with chocolate body paints or simply seeing where the colors take you as you decorate your lover and perhaps photograph them, you’ll be taking your romance to a new level.

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