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Car Sun Shades

Pooping Unicorn Sun Shade

If you need a way to protect those perfect leather seats during the summer, then come get the car version of sunglasses—a sunshade! Here at Spencer’s, we have a selection of car sun shades that will not only keep your car cool, but also look cool as well! Want to turn your car into the parked bat mobile? Place the Batman and Robin windshield sun shade to give your car the retro look, and make it seem like Batman is truly the one behind the wheel. If you’re looking to add a bit of beautiful madness to your ride, the Harley Quinn sun shade is the only way to truly express your anarchist tendencies! It’d be pretty cool to see the sun shine down on the large moon of the Nightmare Before Christmas sun shade, and with the Pumpkin King on it too, your car is bound to catch all passing gazes. Whatever style you want, our car window shades at Spencer’s are sure to make for the ultimate heat shield for your car!