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Mini Diamond Wand Massager - 4 Inch
Warming Cupcake Flavored  Massage Lotion 5 Pack - Sweet Licks
Liquid Sex Water-Based Warming Massage Lube - 4 oz.
Lickable Lover's Massage Lotion 3 Pk - Hott Love
Massage Seductions Game
Online Only
Pink Velvet Body Massager
Online Only

What do you give to the lover who has everything? A sexy massage! Spencer’s stocks everything you need to make this holiday one to remember as you hand your partner a truly personal present that only you can provide, one whose effects will last far more than one night.

Heat things up in the bedroom with massage accessories like our warming butter rum massage gel, which will have your lover moaning the moment it sinks into the their skin. Put your hands to work with a naughty massage, and you’ll leave them worked up and aroused in ways you’ve dreamt about.

If you want a gift that truly keeps on giving, consider Spencer’s Best Weekend Ever Sex Kit, with everything you need to put a smile on their face that lasts a long time! It’s got a G-spot vibrator, eye mask, feather teaser, massage candle, lube and more, so you can both savor the thrill from Friday through Sunday as you explore each other’s body and add some spice to your sex life. Or if they need a different kind of relaxation, give them one of our many massage sex toys along with the offer to run it anywhere on their body they want. These sexy massagers are just what they need to take the edge off and get back to focusing on pleasure, and they’ll be finding many hot ways to say thank you!

Think of all the fun ways you can present these intimate massage gifts, from wearing a massage glove on your hand or coming into the bedroom holding a vibrating massager and letting them dictate exactly what you’ll do with it. Get creative with you deliver this sexy present and you will find yourself with a lover who’s eager to spend their holiday in bed.

Of course, these are gifts that aren’t just one-sided; you’ll surely be the lucky person who gets to play a hands-on role in stroking, teasing, kneading and delighting your partner as you both use their holiday massage present to add intimacy to this festive season.