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Holiday Edible Gifts

Candy Ball Gag
Online Only
Strawberry Gummy Bra and Thong Panties
Strawberry Gummy Handcuffs
Online Only
Oral Sex Strawberry Exploding Candy
Oral Sex Teeth Cover Candy
Peckermints Penis Breath Mints
Play Pens Edible Chocolate Pens 2 Pack
Liqoured Gummy Penis Candy Rings
Rainbow Lollipop Penis Candy
Edible Body Paints Play Kit 4 Pack
Candy Bra
Candy Nipple Tassels
Good Head Numbing Strawberry Throat Spray - 0.33 oz.

You’ll give new meaning to the phrase “Eat Me” when you present that special someone with an edible erotic gift sure to make their mouth water! Whatever your pleasure, Spencer’s has a delicious array of sexy offerings the two of you can share as you spend a very naughty night together. These fun and affordable presents will put smiles on both your faces as you get ready to indulge your raciest appetites.

You can make foreplay a tantalizing treat with body paint pens in flavors such as chocolate or banana split and blueberry blast, or cover them in marshmallow fluff body icing and enjoy the ultimate holiday dessert as you lick it off! All of these edible gifts are playful, sexy and can help take your relationship routine from ho-hum to hot-hot-hot! Because who can resist the allure of nipple breath mints or a colorful cock pop?

If you want to playfully add some kinky experimentation to your relationship, give them a candy ball gag, or a set of gummy handcuffs and let them choose whether they want to be the one wearing them or eating them! Or slip your own hands inside the strawberry candy and offer yourself up as the ultimate sexy holiday private party favor. Would you rather have edible underwear? Then our edible panties and matching bra set is sure to make you and your lover smile.

These edible sex toys are the kinds of presents you want to offer your partner in privacy. When it’s just the two of you, you can immediately start sucking, licking, painting or kissing, without having to wait a moment longer.

Imagine the look on their face when they peel of the wrapping paper and find a candy bra or g-string, or sex edibles like cupcake and cotton candy body dust. Spencer’s wants you to have a truly sweet and sexy holiday, and when you stuff their stocking with any of these edible gifts, you’ll be sure to make that happen. This will be a gift your lover can’t wait to open and use with you immediately, and one you’ll truly have a fabulous time both giving and getting pleasure from!