Beards & Moustaches

4pk Pink Mustaches
Green Moustaches 4 Pack
4pk Red Mustaches
4pk Blue Mustaches
4pk Orange Mustaches
4pk Yellow Mustaches

The right accessory can be just the thing you need to make your Halloween costume complete. Here at Spencer’s, we have temporary beards and moustaches in various styles and colors to go with any type of outfit or be worn on their own to instantly alter your look. Bring to mind the 1970’s with a handlebar moustache, the sixties with a beatnik soul patch or go way back to the 19th century with a set of mutton chops without having to grow your own. Or try a whole new look with a long fluffy white beard and matching moustache. Whether you’re looking to simply change up your eyebrow color, add a goatee or to go from bare faced to bearded, we can help. If you’re dressing up as a devil, magician, cowboy or gangster, the right moustache can set you apart and provide just your attire an added dash of authenticity. We’ve even got fake chest hair to give an open shirt look just the zany flair it deserves.
These facial hair adornments will transform any wearer, man or woman, into someone just a little more mischievous and playful. They go well with all types of costume for the perfect extra touch.