5 Ft Regan Animatronic - The Exorcist
6.6 Ft Strawman Animatronic
6 Ft Rat Girl Animatronic
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3 Ft Spike Animatronic
Online Only
4 Ft Young Crouchy Animatronic
2.5 Ft Tombstone Terror Animatronic
3 Ft Deadly Creeper Animatronic
6.4 Ft Mr. Punchy Animatronic
7 Ft Possessed Pumpkin Animatronic
2.6 Ft Lucky Bottoms Animatronic
3.8 Ft Betty Sharpe Animatronic
3 Ft Lil Skelly Bones Animatronic
6 Ft Nozzles the Clown Animatronic
6 Ft Monty Animatronic
3 Ft Bag O’ Bones Animatronic
6 Ft Lord Raven Animatronic
6 Ft Bog Zombie Animatronic
6 Ft Hooded Phantom Animatronic
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Grave Grabber Animatronic
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5 Ft Shorty Animatronic - Killer Klowns from Outer Space
5.6 Ft Dr. Illume Animatronic
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6 Ft Grim Animatronic
4.2 Ft Barry Animatronic
7 Ft Two Scoops Animatronic
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If you’re looking for the perfect decoration to haunt your home, Spencer’s is the right place to find it. We’ve mastered the art of creating exclusive Halloween animatronics that will shock, delight and spook your guests, and offer a wide range of these extra scary decorations that will give your eerie atmosphere the finishing touch it needs.
There’s no way anyone will blithely walk past a six foot tall smoldering zombie or twitching banshee and not do a double take. Our audible animatronics can be hung from a wall or doorway or placed strategically in your home for the optimal fright factor.
Our five foot black widow flaming witch lights up from her feet as she delivers the creepiest laugh you’ll ever hear, while our shotgun blast zombie has a gory chest wound that makes him snarl in pain. Our animatronics range from a compost corpse to Chester the Jester, skulls, ghosts, a broken spine girl, and dozens more, all with their own styles and extremely creepy noises and voices that will carry across any themed room. For the ultimate item to scare even the most jaded guest, go for our six foot Harbinger of Hell, whose glowing staff and skeletal hand epitomize everything you fear.
Add a fog machine to make these animated props even scarier; just don’t be alarmed if you hear a few screams from your guests!