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Every vampire Halloween costume or other spooky look deserves the right accessories to make it as eerie as possible, so Spencer’s stocks plenty of fangs, fake teeth and blood to have you looking as scary as can be. We carry vampire, werewolf, special Fx and glow in the dark fangs, as well as items like wooden gold pirate, wicked clown and zombie teeth along with vampire and what’s up, doc? buck teeth pacifiers to make your smile as creepy as it can be.
If you’re rocking a vampire costume, you’ll want to make sure that you truly look like you want to drink someone’s blood, and with our variety of fangs, including blood tipped ones, you certainly will give every indication that you’re ready to sink them into someone’s neck. Dressing up as a witch? We’ve got black tooth wax and liquid tooth out make up to provide you with the proper demented dental appearance.
We also offer slime green and traditional red blood spray so you can make your mark and go for maximum gross out effect. While normally a smile is a friendly greeting, on Halloween, you very likely want your lips to signal just how ghoulish you are for the night. Spencer’s has everything you need to face Halloween with just the right kind of devilish grin.