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Guys Superhero Costumes

Adult Rocket Raccoon Costume - Guardians of the Galaxy

Be the savior of the hour this Halloween with one of Spencer’s guys’ superhero costumes. Whether you want to be a caped crusader or colorful rescuer, we’ve got all sorts of fierce, powerful warriors who embody strength and power to make you the man of the hour this holiday.
From pop culture characters like our deluxe Deadpool costume featuring a muscle chest jumpsuit (which goes perfectly with our Deadpool weapon kit) to Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3, which even has a 3D chest piece with an LED arc reactor to make it as realistic as possible, and beyond, when you put on one of our superhero costumes, you will instantly signal that you’re someone fierce who’s not to be reckoned with, ready to fight evil at a moment’s notice. Be the one your guests will turn to when zombies attack or another kind of apocalyptic crisis strikes at your Halloween party. Spencer’s lets you swoop in and be the type of hero even those who love horror movies will be rooting for.