Guys Skin Suits & Inflatables

Adult King Shark Inflatable Costume - The Suicide Squad
Online Only
Adult Snoopy Inflatable Costume - Peanuts
Adult Kenny Inflatable Costume - South Park
Adult Garfield Inflatable Costume - Nickelodeon
Adult Barney Inflatable Costume
Adult Gizmo Inflatable Costume - Gremlins
Adult Rubber Chicken Inflatable Costume
Adult Wrestler Inflatable Costume
Adult Mr. Meeseeks Inflatable Costume - Rick and Morty
Adult Mr. Poopybutthole Inflatable Costume - Rick and Morty
Adult Inflatable Cow Costume
Adult Inflatable Balloon Animal Costume
Adult Party Pooper Inflatable Costume
Adult SpongeBob SquarePants Inflatable Costume - Nickelodeon
Adult Patrick Star Inflatable Costume - SpongeBob
Adult Wild Wavy Inflatable Costume
Adult Jet Pack Inflatable Costume
Online Only
Adult Baby Prez Inflatable Costume
Online Only
Adult Bull Rider Inflatable Costume

Skin is in this Halloween, and Spencer’s has the perfect mix of guys’ skin suits and inflatables for those who want to cover all their bases—and their bodies—with their costume. Our breathable polyester outfits come in bold, bright colors and allow you to truly immerse yourself in the holiday experience and go incognito to boot. Slap on one of our Halloween wigs with your skin suit and you’ve got the perfect costume (you can also adorn it with accessories or special shoes to enhance your look).
We’ve also got Superman, Batman, The Flash, elf, tuxedo, floating ghost, crash test dummy, hangman, slenderman, disappearing Santa and other pop culture skin suits if you want one design that packs a punch.
Our Blimpz inflatable Halloween costumes give you a blank slate to create the costume you most desire, whether all white for a ghost or cloud or colorful for superhero stardom.
Our inflatable jockey and horse costume gives you a double dose of humor, with the appearance of a two person costume that you can wear yourself and be both animal and rider.
If you want to change up your look this year and go for a different type of costume, check out our skin suits or inflatable options for a fun alternative that will prove every inch of you is committed to your creative new guise.