Victorian Vampire Costumes

Victorian Vampire Plus Size Jacket
Adult Gothic Vampire Jacket
Vampire Corset and Gloves
Adult Queen of the Underworld Costume
Adult Victorian Vampiress Costume
Gothic Devil Hand Chain
Gothic Devil Choker Necklace
Adult Midnight Vampire Costume
Adult Burgundy Vampire Jacket
Adult Wild For Blood Mistress Costume
Adult Female Vampire Slayer Costume
Adult Princess of Darkness Costume
Adult Victorian Vampire Cape
Adult Male Vampire Slayer Costume
Adult Victorian Vampiress Costume - The Signature Collection
Adult Victorian Vampire Costume - The Signature Collection
Adult Vampire Lace Corset
Velvet Hooded Robe
Victorian Vampire Jacket
Adult Vampire Costume

Victorian Vampire Halloween Costumes

There are some costumes that are a must-have for any Halloween party, like ghosts, werewolves, and…our personal favorite, vampires! These bloodthirsty beings have become a staple of Halloween and indeed, a staple of all things horror. So if you’re looking to have an absolutely fang-tastic Halloween, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Spencer Gifts offers a wide selection of Victorian Vampire costumes for vampire fans everywhere. This dark, elegant style takes the Victorian era look and twists it into something that’s even darker and altogether otherworldly. Black lace with blood red accents will have any vampire ready for a dark, macabre-filled evening, and you’ll love feeling just like a creature of the night. You could have your friends dress in matching attire and create a whole coven of regal vampires, or simply stand out in a crowd when you wear your own unique style. From costume parties to Halloween celebrations, you really can’t go wrong when you shop our exclusive selection of Victorian Vampire costumes. You could even walk around with a glass of questionable red liquid, which will make the other partygoers wonder if your costume is just really good…or if you’re not even human at all…