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TV & Movie Character Costumes

When someone asks what you want to be for Halloween, don't go for the easy choice of a ghost or a witch. Think about your favorite TV show? Maybe a movie? Now choose your favorite character to transform into! Pick up your favorite your favorite TV and movie Halloween costumes from Spencer Gifts to get you and the squad ready for all of your Halloween antics! Our TV character costumes range from the nostalgic Rugrats and TMNT to the horrifying Chucky, and even include your favorite heroes like Wonder Woman and Batman!  Look like you’ve jumped straight out of the big screen with any of our movie character costumes, or become your favorite celebrity with our movie star costumes! No matter who you and your friends want to become this Halloween, Spencer’s has you covered for all of the latest and greatest movie costumes and TV show costumes. And Halloween’s right around the corner, so you better get shopping!