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Gaming & Anime Costumes

Princess Peach Kit - Nintendo
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Adult Donkey Kong Costume - Super Mario Bros
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Adult Princess Zelda Costume Deluxe - The Legend of Zelda
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This Halloween, let your favorite video game characters come to life with Spencer’s Gamer costumes. Whether you love Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, Minecraft, Assassin’s Creed, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog or Space Invaders, we’ve got the perfect look. These make great group costumes as well if you’re looking to act out some of a game’s best scenes; if you’ve got a trio in search of outfits, consider going as Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.
You can bring these video game heroes and heroines to life; you’ll know who’s also a fellow player by who recognizes your signature outfit. Video game players are known for their obsessive interest in conquering each new level and with Spencer’s outfits you can emulate your onscreen icons and master the holiday spirit. Maybe you’ll take over the world, or at least your Halloween party, with a Minecraft diamond pixel pickaxe, or boldly rock your woodland huntress or elf warrior costume. Whatever direction you go, you’ll be announcing to the world that you are fierce and not to be messed with.