Animated Toys & Drones

When you think of novelty toys, the images that come to mind may be exclusively children’s toys--but Spencer’s has the best adult animated toys around that will keep you occupied for hours! After all, who can ever get enough of a light ball, touching its surface to watch the beautiful glow travel straight to your fingertips?

And no matter what your sense of humor, everyone has to laugh at a singing and dancing poop, right? Put one on a shelf in your bathroom to make guests guffaw while they go number two, or have it greet them from your couch for a guaranteed chuckle. Poop jokes never get old (even if you do), so go ahead and indulge in it! These kinds of funny toys are the perfect gift for anyone you love (or a jokey nod to the person who talks crap about you!).

Horror movie fans will delight in our popular official talking Chucky doll, making it the perfect addition of eerie fun to your home. You can perfectly scare your friends (but not so much they’ll want to leave!). With his familiar spooky smile, this doll takes one of pop culture’s classic characters and gives you a chance to let him haunt your surroundings every day. You’ll never hear “Hi! I’m Chucky wanna play?” in quite the same way again as when it’s spoken from right behind you!

If you like drones, Spencer’s has some of the most exciting unmanned aircraft around. These remote control planes can provide hours of entertainment as they hover in the air and fly at your command. We’ve got several types of drones that will make you the life of the party, like the Manta Pro 6 Drone Helicopter, a state of the art RC quadcopter.

No matter what kind of humor you have, Spencer’s will always be home to those who are a kid at heart. So go ahead and spoil yourself, because you definitely deserve a break from adulthood every once in a while.