Room Decor & Storage

Green Leafy Tray
The Stoner Tray
Puff Puff Pass Tray
Jason Mask Small Planter - Friday the 13th
Central Perk Planter - Friends

Who doesn’t love a good ole fashion bean bag chair, what could possibly be better than you are your friends sitting around on giant cushy donuts? Well here at Spencer’s, we have a wide variety of different Room Décor & Storage items like storage bins, bamboo curtains, and other wild door curtains that will have all your guests never wanting to leave! What happens when you combine bean bag chairs with your favorite foods and items? Awesome happens! Grab any of these awesome variations like the Chocolate Donut Bean Bag that you and your friends can kick back and relax in. Protect all your precious belongings with any of our heroic storage pins like the 22” Superman Logo Blue Folding Storage Bin. Take a throwback to the seventies and line your doorway with the Natural Bamboo Curtain, complete with clacking noises! So when looking for anything to make your room's just a bit more exciting, make sure to grab some décor from Spencer’s!