Dress Up Fun

Giant Yelling Trump Half Mask
Donocchio Full Mask

We all want to be someone or something else. At Spencer's, we've got your opportunity to play dress-up with our huge selection of funny masks, wigs, costumes and so much more. Does your lover want to see you as a blonde? Go platinum for just the night. The possibilities are endless, and so is the potential for fun. Whether you're horsing around (literally) with one of our equine masks or pretending to be someone famous from a movie or hit TV show, we've got humorous dress-up gear that is absolutely timeless. Go ahead, try something new! If you have to go to a costume party, then you need to grab something from our dress up humor selection. You can look just like a politician with a Clinton mask or maybe even a Trump mask. If you want to get a little wild, then a horse mask will be perfect for you. Maybe you want some funny underwear that’ll help you bare it all? Then you need one of our hilarious cock sock featuring characters like an elephant or a Santa hat. Grab a wig, any of our crazy hats, or maybe some funny glasses and get ready to party when you shop our dress up humor selection right here at Spencer Gifts.