Funny Underwear

Floral Fucking Vibes Boxers
Portal Rick and Morty Boxers
The Xmas Tuggie Sock
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We can all use a laugh, and you can start your morning with a sense of humor when you put on a pair of Spencer’s funny underwear. Even if you’re the only person who sees what you’re wearing beneath your pants, you’ll know that your sense of humor is on point. If you do want to show off your package, there’s no better way to do so than with a bold mankini. Sure, you might normally be a boxers or briefs guy, but there are times when you just want to live it up and your undies can reflect that.

Looking for a bachelor party gift for your best friend? Look no further! He’ll be blushing big time when he takes out a tape measure thong (which also makes a fun anniversary present). Bring a sense of playfulness with these gag gifts that no one can resist. Plus if your pal daring enough to put it on for you, you can snap a photo that will live in infamy.

If your lover could use some humor, put on a funny pair of underwear and start doing a sexy striptease and they won’t be sure whether to laugh or feel you up. Another idea: Why not channel a hunky male stripper by rocking a mens leopard thong?

If you’re looking for a special gift for the jokester in your life, humorous undies are a surefire winner that will make them laugh and think of you every time they put them on. For those who truly live to laugh, Spencer’s funny underwear will have you cracking up.