Funny & Humor Books

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If you’re ready to laugh like you’ve never laughed before, check out Spencer’s funny books—but don’t say we didn’t warn you! These humor books make perfect bathroom reading material or you can leave them on your coffee table to show off your sense of humor. We’ve all had those days where we come home and we need something to cheer us up immediately. With these funny book titles, you have an instant mood booster. Get rid of some of your leftover road rage by delving into You Drive Like an Asshole, or mock your fellow shoppers with The People of Walmart. If you want something more hands-on that will let you draw, our coloring books for adults are also a lot of fun. From the popular Curse Word Coloring Book to Color Me Drunk, these artsy books don’t care if you color between the lines or not.

You’re a grown-up and can do what you want! If you’ve ever looked around your home and thought, I need some fun books to read, Spencer’s can help you out. We know that as much as you like to party, sometimes you want to unwind, laugh and dive into a book that just gets your sense of humor (meaning there’s no such thing as too much snark). So settle into the most comfortable spot on your couch and bust open one of these humorous books and you’ll be transported away from anything that’s stressing you out and into a world where the funny bone rules. If you read these in public, though, you might be prepared for some heads to turn because they are laugh out loud worthy.