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There’s no better way to complete a funny costume or look than with a wig that will have people doing double takes! From spooky to silly, Spencer’s humorous wigs let you embody a whole other character and get super playful with your look. A wig is the perfect way to add either a bold, bright hair color that you may not want to commit to permanently or get an instant new haircut for the night. A truly funny wig can even be an instantly recognizable costume in and of itself, evoking a famous hair look that will have people laughing right away. It can transform your face and help automatically lend authenticity to your outfit, no matter who you’re dressing up as, from a famous character to someone ultra kooky.

From a bold afro to a hairstyle many people love to hate like a mullet, you can try it on for Halloween or any costume party for an easy way to look incredible. Plus, wigs are fun to wear and are one simple step they can take to take you out of your everyday image and into one that’s over the top. Your hair is one of the first things people will notice about you, and a funny wig can be seen from across the room or down the street, making people want to get a closer look at the person bold enough to go the extra mile in order to truly express their sense of humor. Wearing a wig will make you smile; after all, how can you frown when your hair is a bold color not found in nature, or you’re a guy rocking a women’s style wig? Spencer’s has all the funny wigs you could ask for so you can play around, whether you’re the type who keeps one around just in case or wears it specifically at Halloween.