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Funny Fake Glasses

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Glasses are no longer just the domain of those who need prescriptions. They’re also a hilarious way to give your outfit a boost! With Spencer’s funny glasses, you can add a wacky accessory that makes your costume all the more fun or is simply a way to let off some steam the next time you head outside. Channel your favorite pop culture characters like Wonder Woman or The Joker with a sun stache, or simply rock a pair of round kaleidoscope glasses to really look groovy. We’ve also got fake glasses for kids and adults alike to give your look a slightly nerdy edge. Is there truly a difference between nerd glasses and geek glasses? Who cares! Your face can take on a whole new appearance when you slap on a pair of funny glasses, helping you channel another side of your personality.

Let your specs speak for themselves when you wear this creative take on eyewear that can be a costume in and of itself if you’d rather keep things understated or can be one added bit of flair to an already colorful look.