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Naughty & Fun Honeymoon Gifts

Finally, your wedding day with all its planning is behind you and it’s time for you to start married life with the most exciting trip of your life: your honeymoon! Spencer’s wants your very first moments as husband or wife to be the sexiest (so far) of your relationship, so we have honeymoon gifts like sex toys, sexy lingerie, bondage gear and bridal accessories to help you up the ante on your romance. Whether you’re off having adventures by day and bedding down at night, or you’ve chosen to put a Do Not Disturb sign on the your hotel door and spend your honeymoon getting intimate, we’ve got all the risqué toys you desire to enhance your lovemaking.

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to let your hair down and totally indulge, from ordering off the room service menu to servicing your partner. Maybe you’ve had sexual fantasies about being tied up, or even discussed the idea with your now spouse, but haven’t got around to trying it. Pack something special in your luggage, such as the Fetish Fantasy Honeymoon Bondage Kit, with everything you need to get a little (or a lot!) kinky as you get truly naughty with your favorite person in the whole world.

Then when you answer the door to the concierge delivering your breakfast in bed or midnight snack, she can slip into the perfect ensemble for a just married lady: a satiny white bride robe and slip set announcing her new relationship status on the back! From white furry handcuffs to a white riding crop of a five-piece Bodywand Honeymoon Gift Set, Spencer’s has the perfect couple’s sex toys to make “just married” magnificent. And of course you’ll take home your new toys, and every time you use them they’ll remind you of all the hot honeymoon sex you enjoyed during those first romantic nights you shared as a married couple.

Maybe your best girls hooked with up with naughty bachelorette party gifts, or a sexy gag gift that you might actually consider using. Either way, you’ll know that they found all of their sexy and funny honeymoon gifts right here at Spencer’s.