Hair Color

Harley Quinn Hairspray 2 Pack - The Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn Hair Gel - Birds of Prey

Halloween is the perfect time to give your hair color a temporary touchup and make your costume stand out, and Spencer’s has the perfect products to deliver just the look you want. We carry hairspray in a range of attention-getting hues, from bright blue to pink to green to glow in the dark. Want to truly sparkle? Our glittery hairspray comes in blue, purple, green, silver and gold.
Maybe what your costume needs is the simple addition of hair extensions, which are easy to put on and remove; we’ve got plenty in a rainbow of colors, from neon green to yellow, as well as black and white and several variations of multi-colored tresses. Dressing up as dreadlocked banana or another funny Halloween costume? Add our curly rasta ombre hair extension to enhance the playfulness of your holiday wardrobe. We’ve even got Joker hair chalk to get your Batman character exactly right, and any of our hair colors will give extra pizzazz to a pop culture costume.
If you’re ready to commit to semi-permanent hair color and let Halloween last for more than a day, try Manic Panic hair dye in rockabilly blue or a bold green. Don’t feel like you have to play by the rules; maybe your Harry Potter has burgundy or orange hair, thanks to some strategic hairspray, or a superhero costume gets transformed with some glitter hairspray. Whatever type of Halloween hair color you choose, you can make sure you’re the life of the party with Spencer’s offerings.