Cosmic Love Fragrance

There are many different cologne’s and perfume’s out there that we all know don’t smell all too great. That’s why here at Spencer’s, we don’t want you to just smell great; we want you to smell like a hero! We have a wide selection of Superhero Cologne, Superhero Perfume, and DC Comic Fragrances that will have you smelling just like your favorite hero (or villain).  Looking for that perfect scent to make you look and feel sweet? Spray on the Daddy’s Lil Monster Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Perfume for that perfect blend. When you see Batman, you can assume that he’d probably smell pretty rugged but clean, now you can get that same aroma with the DC Comics Batman Men’s Fragrance. Add a little bit of chaos to your life and have a clean fragrance while doing it with the Joker Suicide Squad Men’s Fragrance. For any occasion that you’ll need to carry a heroic scent, Spencer’s is here to make sure you get it!