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One of the most fun parts of the summer or any time there’s warm weather is putting on your bathing suit and hitting the beach or pool. But you don’t want to forget a beach towel (trust us—sand you know where=not fun!) so Spencer’s has plenty of fun towels to make swimming and splashing or building sandcastles even more exciting. Just as you carefully select the perfect bathing suit or board shorts to make you look your best, you want a beach towel that showcases your colorful personality and makes fellow beachgoers smile.

Whatever fun-loving aspect of a day frolicking in the water you love most, you can add to it with a towel featuring everything from your favorite foods (burgers, pizza and ice cream sandwiches, oh my!) to a smiley face. Since you need a towel to lay out, and to dry off, having a special one that you save for swim time makes you look forward to those days all the more. Spencer’s beach towels are all about bringing the party poolside (or ocean-side) and kicking the laughs and splashes into high gear.