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Men's Grooming

Guys, you know very well that the ladies aren’t the only ones who need a little TLC when it comes to getting ready. Spencer’s has the top men’s grooming items to keep you looking and feeling your best, so you’ll be the dude at the party everyone’s craning to get a closer look at. Plus if you stop to chat with a cutie or give them a hug, they’ll get a whiff of your fabulous smelling solid cologne and want to linger in your arms that much longer. Five o’clock shadow may be cute, but looking like you were too lazy to shave for days on end isn’t. Making grooming part of your morning routine is easy when you’ve got these specially made products geared toward your masculine needs. There’s even beer soap made with Old Milwaukee domestic lager; how’s that for the second best thing you can do with your favorite beverage?

Want the perfect grooming supplies to take to your dorm room and last you a semester, or to give to your favorite college student? This Shower and Shave Set makes a wonderful gift for a brother, friend or boyfriend, and contains shaving cream and two bars of soap so he’ll be able to clean up on a moment’s notice.

If you’re all about the facial hair, but don’t want to look totally out of control, Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Balm will help tame you down and keep you looking your best.

When it comes to grooming, remember that less is more. You don’t need to slather on too much of your favorite scent to smell good, but you do want to take the time to be clean and fresh at all times. We promise, your upkeep will pay off whether you’re trying to get dates or are already in a relationship.