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Convertible Backpacks

If you’re ready for back to school and want a bag that does double duty, look no further than Spencer’s convertible backpacks. These bags can go from school to extracurricular activities to evenings easily, while still handily storing all your belongings and looking totally stylish. We know that you have a lot to juggle, from textbooks to school supplies to clothes and much more, so these special backpacks have places for everything so you’ll never have to leave your favorite stuff behind. With numerous pockets so you can hold water bottles, keys, credit cards or any other necessary items, you’ll have space for everything in one useful bag. In other words, this is much more than a regular backpack, but one that lets you store it all easily. Carry it on your back with two straps or over your shoulder with one strap, depending on your specific needs.

Because we know you can’t get enough of pop culture, our convertible backpacks come in styles featuring beloved characters like Harry Potter, Batman and Han Solo from Star Wars. They are the opposite of basic, giving you a bold fashion statement that’s also functional and sturdy. Whether you’re a student or not, these bags offer you everything you need so you can better keep track of your belongings.

You never want to forget your favorite pair of sneakers, notebook, pens, cell phone, books, accessories or anything else. Stash a spare sweatshirt or pair of socks, something to drink snacks and everything else in these large and useful bags that can be your go-to carry-all.