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Halloween Decorations

There are average Halloween parties, and then there are the kinds of Halloween parties that are so epic they make anyone who didn’t attend deeply jealous of those who did. If you want to throw the latter kind of holiday bash, Spencer’s is just the store to help take your festivities to the next level.
Start by adding some mood lighting with a lava lamp, strobe light or go all out with our twin rotating LED disco ball. Amp up the celebratory atmosphere with a fog machine that’ll have all your guests oohing and aahing at your ingenuity, and add a little mystery for any especially scary tricks you want to use to spook the crowd.
If you truly want to be the most magnificent Halloween party host on the block, look no further than our outstanding range of exclusive animatronics, which are sure to give your guests a good scare. Whether you’re looking for a three headed glowing, snarling Cerberus dog to our extra spooky werewolf rug, complete with humungous teeth or our seven foot corn stalker scarecrow with a flickering light-up Jack O' Lantern head, we’ve got you covered. Our animatronics can get even the most jaded guest looking around in fear. Hang one from your doorway, or let them lie in wait for your friends to discover at just the right moment.
If you want to make this year’s bash the best one ever, stock up on Spencer’s spooky decorations and you’ll be halfway there.