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  • World Print Lava Lamp - 14.5 Inch
  • World Print Lava Lamp - 14.5 Inch

World Print Lava Lamp - 14.5 Inch

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Have the world in a bottle with this World Print Lava lamp. The glass is painted dark blue, light blue, and green to give the illusion that the wax is changing colors. Do you want the "traveler" vibe but think that a world globe would cramp your style? This would do the trick in no time.

  • H" x W" x D": 15"x 4"x 4"
  • Includes:  Globe, Base, Instructions, 25 Watt Bulb and Cap
  • Materials: Glass, wax, and liquid
  • Print/Design: ColorMax World Decals on base and cap
  • 6 Foot Cord
  • Replacement Bulb S-11 25W
  • Wash/Care: Operate and store away from direct sunlight. Wait 2-4 hours for lamp to reach maximum flow and experience.
  • Note: To clear up the water, let the wax settle at the bottom of the globe and completely cool. Then, turn on until wax breaks up. After breaking begins, shut off again until it cools, then repeat. Running the lamp in short "bursts" will help. To prevent this in the future, do not move or shake lamp while warm.

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