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Workaholics Party Dice

Item# 02752202
Let's get weird with the officially licensed Workaholics Party Dice. Roll all four dice together and reveal the task you and the party must complete. Read the dice in the following order: 1. Black 2. Green 3. Orange 4. White. If a player fails to complete the task, they are out of the game. The last player remaining wins!

Black Die: Last player to touch their nipples, Social (everyone), You, Player of your choice, Nobody, Player to your right
Green Die: Smell the dro, Chill, Take a puff, Take a drink, Take a huge hit, Chug
Orange Die: While spinning in a circle, In slow motion, Without using your hands, On your knees, With your eyes closed, While humming the theme song
White Die: Then tell a joke, Then do your best Blake impression, With the player to your left, Like a body-builder, Then dance like Ders, Then freestyle rap
  • Officially Licensed Workaholics Party Dice
  • Includes 4 dice

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