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Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamp - 14.5 Inch

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Who doesn't need more glitter in their life? This Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamp will had the perfect touch of sparkle to any room. Watch for hours as the glitter swirls around and around endlessly!

  • H"x W"x L": 15"x 4"x 4"
  • Included: Globe, Base and Cap, 25w bulb
  • Materials: Glass, Aluminum, Plastic, Liquid
  • Glitter swirls inside the globe
  • 6 Foot Cord
  • Replacement Bulb S-11 25W
  • Wash/Care: Operate and store away from direct sunlight
  • Note: To clear up the water, let the wax settle at the bottom of the globe and completely cool. Then, turn on until wax breaks up. After breaking begins, shut off again until it cools, then repeat. Running the lamp in short "bursts" will help. To prevent this in the future, do not move or shake lamp while warm.

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