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Magnus Mighty Magnetic Orbs

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Enjoy the exciting sensation of these powerful orbs! For those who thrill at intense sensations, this versatile sex toy is perfect for you. When you place these magnetized orbs on either side of a sensitive body part such as a nipple, penis head or balls, the magnets will be drawn together, causing a delicious and thrilling pressure. For a fun sex game, see how long your partner can keep these spheres in place. They quickly adapt to your body heat, and can be cooled off in cold water. You'll be amazed at how aroused they can make you and how thrilling the feeling can be, whether you use them alone or with a partner. Go ahead and discover a while new level of erotic excitement to add to your bedroom repertoire.

  • Each orb measures .4 inches in diameter (10.16 mm)
  • Material: Metal coated magnet
  • Spot clean
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