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Liquid Latex

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Make Up Tips
Shape your face into a freaky, frightening figure with his liquid latex! This Halloween character kit lets you spread the latex lightly onto your skin, then pull and tear at it with your own fingers to create realistic gashes, warts, and scars. This makeup provides the perfect finishing touch for zombies, corpse brides, accident victims, and ghouls.
  • 1 oz. Bottle
  • Fake skin (natural liquified rubber latex)
  • Pull, shape, tear,and twist into FX features
  • Simple and easy to create scars, wrinkles, warts, and torn skin
  • Peels off and can be used as an adhesive
  • Do not use on eyes or in hair
  • Suggestions for use:
    • Zombie Skin: Apply a base coat, tear a hole and peel to let layers hang. Dab red makeup to "exposed" skin areas.
    • Old Age Skin: Apply single coat and while still wet cover area with a single ply of facial tissue. Apply top coat and let dry.
    • Use to adhere sequins, hair or prosthetic pieces
  • Optional items to complete a look:
    • Grey and white makeup for a deathly pallor
    • Fangs or dentures
    • Blood gel

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