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  • Life-sized Gatekeeper Animated Prop

Life-sized Gatekeeper Animated Prop

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Stand this hooded life-sized animated Gatekeeper prop in a shadowy corner or on the porch and watch the frightful goings on. The light and sound activated creature holds a lantern which it slowly swings from side to side - is it to menace or entice? Blood red eyes glow from beneath a tattered hood - there is no face - but those demonic eyes seek to penetrate the souls of the foolish few who dare to take a second look. Do you have what it takes to follow the lantern to your destiny?

Additional Information

  • The life-sized animated Gatekeeper prop is a six foot tall hooded figure dressed in a tattered gray robe with an obscured face and glowing red eyes. The figure bears a battery operated lantern which it swings slowly from side to side; it is light and sound activated.
  • Eyes glow a red color
  • Lantern requires 2 AA batteries; not included
  • Item Dimensions: H" x L" x D"- 34" x 15" x 73"
  • Item Weight - 12.13 lbs
  • Includes adapter and cord; operates on ordinary household current
  • Adapter:  Input 120X-60Hz  Output 6VDC 800mA
  • For indoor and covered outdoor use
  • Optional try me button sold separately

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