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Life-Size Animated Rocking Granny

Item# 07012727

Some limbs of the family tree should have been sawed off a long time ago! Strap Granny to a chair and watch her rock and roll to the voices in her head. She mutters and laughs while you cringe and thank goodness she's not really related to you, although in some families she might be the lesser of two evils! Liven up the party or family reunion with this distant relation - the life-size Animated Rocking Granny is from the OTHER side of the family!


  • The life-size Animated Rocking Granny is a wicked scary old lady dressed in a sorry looking hospital gown with red and white striped socks with one nasty toe poking through a hole; her dentures are missing and her mouth is open as are her staring eyes.
  • This scary creature rocks back and forth, mutters and laughs to herself and the voices in her head.
  • A 16 minute CD with sound track is included; the rocking chair and CD player is not included.
  • Uses ordinary household current - 110volt AC Adapter included
  • For indoor use only. 

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