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  • LED Glowing Ball Charging Unit
  • LED Glowing Ball Charging Unit

LED Glowing Ball Charging Unit

Item# 02641504

Want your Game Balls to glow like KRYPTONITE? Our innovative and game-changing Ball Charging Units are the answer. Our patent-pending, breakthrough design enables you to keep your GlowPong Glowing Game Balls FULLY charged and glowing BRIGHTLY throughout the game. Simply place one of your Ball-Washer cups (filled with water and Game Balls) on top of this drink-coaster-size unit to activate the weight-sensitive power button on the base. The powerful LED lights inside the unit shoot UV light rays up through the base of your Ball-Washer cup to illuminate and CHARGE your Glowing Game Balls in a matter of seconds! The effect is very cool as your Game Balls will turn from purple (charging) to green (charged) when you lift them out of the cup. Practical, and just plain bad ass, these re-usable units add a major function to game play: ultimate shot visibility in the dark! You get one free unit with our GlowPong Game Set, but we recommend picking up another so each team has a charging unit at their end of the table. Trust us, they're well worth your investment. Check 'em out and you'll see what we mean...

  • 1 Glowing Game Ball Charging Unit (requires 3 AAA batteries - not included)

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